Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mouse was Mad by Linda Urban

It's not every day that one of your best friends has their first picture book hit stores. And technically, this book was scheduled to turn up in, like, May. But there it was today in all its splendor, so I bought a copy. I am giving you the biggest cover image I could find online, so that you can properly appreciate the anger on the face of the wee mousie.

MOUSE WAS MAD was written by the lovely and talented Linda Urban, and illustrated by Henry Cole. And it is adorable, although don't tell Mouse I said so, because I am fairly certain that being told one is adorable when one is angry is cause for still more rage. And Mouse begins the story angry and becomes madder still as all of his various expressions of anger are outdone by specialists in various fields (and he repeatedly lands in mucky puddles). Hare hops better, Bear stomps better, Bobcat screams better, and Hedgehog rolls around on the ground better. But none of them can outdo what Mouse does when he gets "really, really, really, really mad" no matter how they try.

Go out and buy this book. Yes, you. You will adore it from the animals on the cover to its mac & cheese endpapers in the front (blue in back) to its clever text that simply begs to be read aloud. The official birthday for this book isn't for a while, still, but I have a hunch that if it's in stock here in New Jersey, it's quite likely findable other places as well. And you're going to want it. You don't want to make Mouse mad again, do you?

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