Monday, June 02, 2008

Guys Lit Wire: a new blog

Many of you in the kidlitosphere already know about the wonderful blog, Boys Blogging Books, a blog owned and operated by 's kids and some of their friends. Now there's a different sort of group blog directed to guys who are interested in reading:

Guys Lit Wire is the brainchild of (whom else?) Colleen Mondor, reviewer extraordinaire and coordinator of such limited-time-only events as the Summer and Winter Blog Blast Tours and more. The site is the co-creation of Colleen and the charming, Sarah Stevenson (aka a. fortis from Finding Wonderland), who did much of the design work, including killer graphics.

GLW will feature 23 regular posters, plus a bunch of other, less-regular sorts. The site officially went live today, and there are already a few posts there so you can get a sense of what it'll look like. Expect posts at least Monday through Friday of every week (at least one per day). And expect the posts to focus on books that guys will enjoy. Which is not to say that gals might not like them as well, but, really, the focus is on teens with a Y chromosome here.

Today's post is a review of Edgar Rice Burroughs's The Land that Time Forgot from author Alex Bledsoe.

Oh. And I'll be posting there from time to time about poetry collections that are of interest to teen guys. And yes, Virginia, there is such a thing.