Tuesday, April 01, 2008

National Poetry Month

It's not a trick - National Poetry Month starts today. As in past years, I'll be putting up poetry-related posts each and every day that I post this month. (There may turn out to be some non-posting days due to upcoming travel, hence the caveat.)

While on vacation, M announced that she thought she might start worshipping the Greek gods. I'm pretty sure it was in response to her reading of Nobody's Princess by Esther Friesner, and nothing to do with The Lightning Thief books by Rick Riordan. She listed off a bunch of the gods and goddesses, but not the one in charge of the moon: Selene. Selene was the child of two Titans, and therefore had a slightly different status than some of the other gods. If my rusty memory is correct, she was probably assimilated from the Assyrians or some other tribe, and wasn't part of the actual Greek pantheon. I tell you this as a wee bit of background for this original poem that I wrote several years ago now. It was my first try at writing terza rima (a nested form that goes ABA BCB CDC etc.) Terza rima doesn't require a particular metre, just the nested rhyme scheme. Only I botched mine, badly, by not actually ending the poem correctly - it should have a fourth line in the last stanza that should, ideally, rhyme with the first and third lines of that stanza. And mine does not have its final line. Also, the rhyme's a bit tortured in places. But it was a learning experience, and is a form I'll be trying again in the near future.

For Selene
by Kelly Fineman

In ancient times, Selene,
a Titaness of old,
moved moon through night: its queen.

A chariot of gold
pulled by a team of steers
was how she reached her goal.

The sages through the years
decreed the Greeks were wrong:
The moon simply appears.

Forgotten but not gone,
Selene rides through the sky
and pulls the moon along.

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