Thursday, April 17, 2008

Inside the Fairy Ring - a National Poetry Month post

Today, an original poem written in response to a challenge issued by the talented poet, Elaine Magliaro, over at her solo blog, Wild Rose Reader last Friday. The challenge: write a poem using three seemingly unrelated words: ring, blanket and drum. Elaine posted my poem today, with the bonus surprise of comments from the uber-talented poet, Janet Wong (squee!). I didn't send her a title with it, but have added one here.

Inside the Fairy Ring
by Kelly R. Fineman

Inside the fairy ring,
awash with silver light,
sprightly dancers caper
on a blanket of dew-dappled flowers.
When grassy pipes and acorn drums fall silent,
all will fade away
to dawn.

In addition to this small poem, I've also written eight (count 'em, eight!) poems for my Jane project since arriving in the mountains on Monday. Must be the sun and the snowmelt and the songbirds, and having all day to do nothing but create. If that sounds like I'm recommending writing retreats to all of y'all, then you read it correctly.

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