Friday, January 18, 2008

In the Bathtub of Possibilities - a Poetry Friday post

Back in November, I read a post over at Laurie Purdie Salas's blog in which she called for two poems for her (now) newly released title from Compass Point Books, Write Your Own Poetry by Laura Purdie Salas.

I submitted two poems, one for each of the categories that Laura needed, and was thrilled when my bathtub-related poem was chosen for inclusion. When I was at ALA last weekend, I got to see and hold a copy of the actual book over at the Compass Point booth. My poem is there on the right-hand page, near the very small rubber ducky.

Wanna know what the poem says? Since I'm sure at least one or two folks out there might, here it is:

In the Bathtub of Possibilities
by Kelly Fineman

I am:

    a landscaper
        clearing a lake amid bubble mountains

    an admiral
        directing battles between rubber ducks
        and drakes

    a mermaid
        my hair a floating halo
        or fishnet

    Now, Alice
        in a towel
          too big for the rabbit-hole drain


laurasalas said...

I love your poem, Kelly! I'm so glad you are in the book. Woohoo! I especially love the mermaid. I could spend hours in the bathtub when I was a kid--oh, wait. I still can.

Anyway, terrific poem.

Charlotte said...

Congratulations Kelly! I like your poem!

Ruth said...

Great! I love it!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I went back and read the Longfellow poem from last week, and I agree - that whole idea of ebb and flow and life going on is a comforting one.

Kelly Fineman said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies. It's really sweet of you.

And Ruth - I'm glad you approved my choice. While I agree with you that poetry seems inadequate to comfort refugees, there's something soothing about the idea nevertheless.