Monday, July 02, 2007

Wanted: Nerdfighters

So. I've been a Nerdfighter since the very beginning of the calendar year, when John Green and his brother Hank Green formed Brotherhood 2.0, a videoblog based on their mutual decision to forego textual conversation for the year of 2007.

Those of us who are fans and have been following along have been called Nerdfighters ever since February 17, 2007 when John posted this video, during which he sang the Nerdfighter's theme song. Other verses have since been written by various and sundry Nerdfighters, including yours truly.

Back in March, the Green brothers formed the Foundation to Decrease WorldSuck, which collects monetary donations from folks, then uses the funds to make the world a better place. But recently, after a family vacation in the Dominican Republic, the Greens got the Nerdfighters all fired about being microfinanciers, through

And, as of today, John has figured out the Law of Compound Nerdfighting, which means that NERDFIGHTERS NEED YOU! To enlist as Nerdfighters or at least to help with the Kiva sponsorships going on over at B2.0.

Nerdfighters! Hoo-ah!

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