Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Could it be? Yes it could. Something's coming, something good. The SBBT!

Starting Sunday, the kitlitosphere is going to be abuzz with the Summer Blog Blast Tour (SBBT), a week-long series of interviews with various YA writers hosted by a bunch of different kidlit blogs. The SBBT is the brainchild of Colleen Mondor over at Chasing Ray in response to the seriously negative rap that online lit bloggers have taken in recent months, particularly those who review books. Some of it was touched on over at Read Roger and Fuse #8 and over at the NBCC's Critical Mass blog. You can find links to the NBCC posts at the School Library Journal blog, where Colleen was interviewed about the SBBT. But I digress.

Long story short -- One week. Many authors. Many interviews. Many blogs.

I will post links daily to the new interviews on the Net as they arrive, but figured I'd show a little leg now, just so your enthusiasm can being to mount.

Who I interviewed: Laura Ruby, Jordan Sonnenblick and Sara Zarr.
Who else was interviewed: Not telling. Okay, I'll tell you ONE more -- The fun starts this Sunday over at Finding Wonderland, where Sarah will be posting an exclusive interview of Gene Yang, author of the award-winning graphic novel, American Born Chinese.

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