Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wolf! Wolf!

So, I'm browsing the local Borders store the other day, and I come across the "staff recommendations" endcap. And what should I spy with my little eye? This book:

Wolf! Wolf! by John Rocco is the story of an old wolf who has been raising vegetables because he can't catch prey anymore. Only the weeds have overtaken his little garden, so one day he sets out to find a nice young meal of goat. When he finds a flock of goats at the top of a mountain, it's tended by a young boy. A boy fond of crying "Wolf!" Which he does to great effect, much to the exasperation of the townfolk.

The old wolf takes advantage of the situation by convincing the boy that nobody will listen to his pleas anymore, and threatens to wreak havoc unless the boy brings a goat to his house and ties it to his fence. The boy agrees, to the wolf's delight. Will the wolf eat the goat? Will the goat eat the garden?

This one has a delightful resolution, but more importantly, it has phenomenal artwork. Go on, have a gander:

John Rocco has put together a terrific website with lots of info about his art and his books, and, I might add, a terrific bio page for Wolf! Wolf! that includes photos of him dressed in Japanese clothing and the fact that he was the art director for the movie Shrek.

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