Monday, April 16, 2007

Lawnmowers -- a National Poetry Month post

Today I will be going back to school. All the way back to elementary school, in fact. I’ve been asked to be the visiting poet for one of our local schools as part of their observation of National Poetry Week.

And so, today, I will be sharing with the kids some of my original poetry in addition to quite a lot of poetry by other, better-known, poets.

Here’s one of the pieces I’ll be sharing with the kids today:

by Kelly Fineman

&emsp &emsp for Jack

Sometimes there’s a racket, other times a hum–
Either way the sound tells you the lawnmowers have come.

They skim across the yard, cutting as they go.
Sometimes they move very fast, and sometimes they move slow.

The old man down the street pushes his uphill;
If he went the other way, I’m sure he’d take a spill.

His mower is quite old; it has blades that twirl.
They make a click-clack noise as he takes it for a whirl.

Our lawnmower at home uses gasoline.
Once I get the motor started, it sounds very mean.

Dad says I must use it. I don’t get a vote.
But if it were up to me, I’d choose to buy a goat.

Enjoy your day.

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