Thursday, April 12, 2007

I bet you're all on the Edge of your seats

Or you should be, because this month's edition of The Edge of the Forest just hit the airwaves, complete with an interview of one of my favorite debut novelists, Carrie Jones (that's to you.

Oh and the best part? I was the one who conducted the interview with the lovely and talented Ms. Jones.

Go on and read it. (You know you want to!)

And then come on back here for some bonus content:

I asked Carrie a duct-tape related question (duct tape figures prominently in the book -- and on the cover, for that matter). Seems she has a "duct-tape expert", and so I inquired about who it was. Turns out that it's her husband. Whom she married, in large part, because he was clever with duct tape.

Here's how Carrie met her husband, back in her newspaper report days:

Our relationship all sparks when I'm doing a newspaper article on an MS fundraiser. I'm doing it as a favor for a sister paper. The editor gave me the paper's digital camera to use, but the battery latch is broken.

I'm all stressed out, trying to get the latch to stay shut, and Future Husband Man strides across the hospital board room where the meeting was taking place and says, "What's wrong, Carrie?"

I show him.

He says, "I can fix that."

He picks up the phone and has a guy from maintenance bring some duct tape. Then he tapes that sucker back together.

So, a couple weeks later, I'm doing the paper a favor again, taking pictures at a clean-up at our local historic house and park. Everybody's got rakes and is getting all down and dirty and I realize that the newspaper people have taken the duct tape off the camera. The camera is not latching again. I can't get a picture. Then I see this car drive up. Future Husband is in this car.

He will have duct tape! I think. He is the kind of guy who has duct tape in his car.

So, I basically start running across this field, yelling, "Future Husband! Future Husband!"

And I'm smiling really, really big.

And he gets out of the car and he's smiling really big. And I say, "Do you have duct tape?"

And he does!

And he thinks I'm totally in love with him because I'm so darn happy to see him and my smile is so darn big. Of course, I'm really just happy because he'll be able to fix the camera. Then he eventually asks me to go sailing with him on an actual date and then we get married.

That's the magic of duct tape.

Now, don't forget to read all the OTHER content over at The Edge of the Forest.

Go on. Skedaddle.

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