Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tips on Having a Gay (ex)Boyfriend

I read an ARC of Carrie Jones's forthcoming book, Tips on Having a Gay (ex)Boyfriend, yesterday, and while I won't review it here (yet -- I'm waiting until the release date is closer), I can tell you that it's pretty damn terrific, and that I love-love-loved the writing, and that I'll probably have to buy the actual book, too, just so I can get Carrie to sign it for me.

So, rather than a review, here are some Tips on Why You Should Add Tips on Having a Gay (ex)Boyfriend to your must-buy list:

1. It contains lists inside it from time to time. And everyone knows that lists rule. Especially funny lists, like on the merits of Postum (for real).

2. The MC drinks Postum, a beverage that, to my knowledge, is only used by the over-60 set.

3. The idea of a 17-year old teen girl actually drinking Postum is rendered entirely believable by her seizure disorder.

4. The MC has a seizure disorder, but that is so not the point of the book.

5. The book made me think hard about international policies and the Constitution and how our country has shifted some of its policies in a post-9/11 world in such a way as to make me really uncomfortable. And that's not the point of the book either.

6. The book made me think hard about discrimination and its dangers, but it never once got preachy on the subject. And it had to do with discrimination againt folks based on things they can't help, like health issues and sexual orientation. And I have a niggling suspicion that that may be one of the points of the book, but the fact that I'm not sure tells you that it wasn't the major plot line, and that it doesn't become pedantic in any way.

7. In spite of all the stuff I just mentioned, the book is about coming to terms with finding out your boyfriend isn't what you thought he was (and not just because he's gay).

8. In spite of what I just said about the boyfriend, the book is about finding yourself, your real true self, and being okay with that.

9. In spite of what I just said about finding yourself, the book is about finding your true friends.

10. The writing in the book made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up from time to time, because some of the turns of phrase are pure genius, and Carrie's use of compact imagery will delight you and make you think about your own writing, and how you might boost some of her techniques to improve it.

And now, I'm off to think up interview questions for my wonderful author friend, Carrie Jones, who I will be interviewing for April's The Edge of the Forest.

For further news about Carrie, check out her blog and/or website.

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