Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Edge of the Forest

Hey, you! Yeah, you!

Why not pop on over to The Edge of the Forest to check out what's new and exciting? There's a hilarious review of How To Get Suspended and Influence People by Adam Selzer (the review being by Brian Farrey). Better yet, there's an Open Letter to Adam Selzer from Brian Farrey that will give you a real feel for this new YA title.

There's an interview with Laura Ruby, author of two kids' titles I reviewed, Lily's Ghosts and The Wall and The Wing, of the YA title Good Girls, and of a new book for adults called I'm Not Julia Roberts. And another interview with Jenny Han, author of Shug (which M stole from me, and loved, and now S has it in her reading pile), and member of The Longstockings.

And there are more book reviews. More! Including (ahem) four by yours truly. Three picture books and one middle grade novel.

I hope you'll stop by The Edge of the Forest and have a look!

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