Sunday, March 04, 2007

the bunnies are not in their beds

Is that a great title or what? Too bad I didn't think of it myself -- it's the title of a new picture book by Marasabina Russo:

And let me tell you, the title is no lie. Because after Mama and Daddy put the three little bunnies to bed, saying "good night, good night, sleep tight," they head downstairs to do the various things that grownups do after children are in bed. But as soon as they settle in to their appointed tasks, there's a thump or a bump or another sort of noise, and when Mama and Daddy get upstairs, the bunnies are not in their beds.

First they are playing with tracks, then trains, then horses, then cars, then -- well, you get the picture. And eventually Mama and Daddy have to COUNT TO THREE! And the bunnies get into their beds, but only for a while. Because once Mama and Daddy have gone to bed, the bunnies are not in their beds again!

I loved the simple and colorful illustrations of the bunnies in this book, and all the clever imaginitive play that the young bunnies get themselves into instead of going dutifully off to sleep, although I have to say that Mama and Daddy made some bizarro color-mixing choices. Yikes! I also really loved that even when the bunnies seem to have acquiesced to their parents' request for them to stay in bed, with a "good night, good night, sleep tight," the bunnies just wait it out, then get up and head downstairs to party all night long. Inevitably they fall asleep as well, but in the living room.

I'm sure that kids will love this one, although parents who want to get their kids to settle down in their own beds and go to sleep might question it as a bedtime reading choice.

good night, good night, sleep tight

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